Sensomics - basic principles and practice


  • Tomáš Vrzal Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Lípová 511/15, Prague 2, Czech Republic
  • Jana Olšovská



Beer, Chemometrics, Metabolomics, Principles, Sensomics, Sensory active compounds


The article presents basic thoughts and principles of sensomics based on available ´omic´ related literature and own practical experiences of the authors. The sensomics, a member of a wider family of ´omics´ technologies applied to food (foodomics), aims to describe sensory properties of foodstuffs at a molecular level. During the last few years author’s research group has been focused on expansion of this field in brewing science. Strength of the sensomics is in high capability of uncovering hidden information regarding sensory properties and effects of different raw materials as well as technological procedures on sensory properties of foodstuffs and beverages. The article aims to introduce principles and steps of sensomics together with the explanation of their importance, rules and pitfalls. Finally, the practical aspects of sensomic study is presented through sensomic comparison of the influence of decoction and infusion mashing on wort composition.




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Vrzal, T., & Olšovská, J. (2019). Sensomics - basic principles and practice. KVASNY PRUMYSL, 65(5), 166–173.
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