The History of Brewing in Slavkov at Brno, Czech Republic


  • Filip Vrána


Slavkov, History, brewing


The history of brewing from Middle Ages to the present day in Slavkov near to Brno is in the article summarized. The fi rst written report about brewing in the town is in document from the year 1497. Originally were the breweries in town houses located, the breweries of the noble were beyond the town fortifi cation. The town brewers had gradually the bier production in one lager brewery concentrated, bought in the year 1570. In less than one century due to disproportionate indebtedness as a result of 30years was necessary to sold the burgees to local aristocracy, that this brewery closed and continued to brew a beer in its brewery beyond the town fortifi cation. At least for the period of last 100 years was the noble breweries had been leased, brewed the beer until the year 1917, when it was bought concurrence from near village Hrušky. After another nearly 100 years started thanks to company Destila brewing in the town again, its minibrewery was erected next to formerly noble brewery on the place of former mill.




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