The Impact of Microbreweries on Travel in the Czech Republic


  • Josef Vacl UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK IN PRAGUE / PORT spol. s r. o., Prague, The Czech Republic


Microbreweries, beer, municipalities, travel, The Czech Republic


Microbreweries are in many cases becoming a tourist attraction, which enriches the offered places of interest and services in both small and large municipalities in the Czech Republic. In a questionnaire Inquiry realized in the fi rst half of 2017, we wanted to fi nd out what services the microbreweries offer, how they communicate and towards whom, and what they do to make their offer more attractive for travel agencies and carriers, and how their cooperation with municipalities and towns develops. We also enquired about the opinions of representatives of municipalities regarding the role of microbreweries in travel and how they perceive the cooperation, how they can contribute to spreading their reputation, and especially to increase the infl ow of domestic and foreign tourists. The conclusions confi rmed that guests from other parts of the Czech Republic and from abroad more frequently visit microbreweries. Microbreweries extend the services offered with guided tours, opening museums of beer brewing, etc. According to municipalities, microbreweries extend the offer of social life within the municipality or town, and they also contribute to a greater awareness of them within the region, within the Czech Republic, or even abroad. The fact that no municipality stated any negative aspects associated with the existence of the microbrewery is also positive.




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