Impartment of spicy, fruity and herbal aromas from the Czech hop varieties of Ceres, Pluto and Saturn to beer


  • Vladimír Nesvadba Hop Research Institute, Kadaňská 2525, 438 01 Žatec, Czech Republic
  • Jana Olšovská Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Lípová 511/15, 120 00 Prague, Czech Republic
  • Lenka Straková Proud, Plzeňský Prazdroj Brewery, U Prazdroje 64/7, 301 00 Plzeň, Czech Republic
  • Jan Hervert Hop Research Institute, Kadaňská 2525, 438 01 Žatec, Czech Republic



hop, Humulus lupulus L., beer, dry hopping, spicy aroma, fruity aroma, citrus aroma


The aim of the study is to evaluate the intensity and character of the beer aroma in selected hop varieties. In 2022 and 2023, new Czech Flavour hop varieties of Ceres, Pluto, and Saturn were registered. Ceres exhibits a mild citrusy and fruity hop aroma. Pluto has an intense fruity and herbal aroma, while Saturn has an intense fruity aroma with a milder citrus note. Differences in the intensity and character of the beer aroma were identified based on the hop variety used and the cold hopping dose. These varieties and their combinations were tested under cold hopping at 3 g/l and 6 g/l to assess the impartment of the aromas to beer. The combination of Pluto + Saturn shows the highest intensity of a spicy aroma, while Ceres exhibits the highest intensity of both the fruity and herbal aromas – all this at 6 g/l. The best character of the spicy aroma is observed with Ceres at 3 g/l. Ceres also demonstrates the best character of the fruity aroma, and Ceres + Pluto combination excels in the herbal aroma, both at the dose of 6 g/l. The popularity of beer is crucial, with the combination of Ceres + Pluto at 3 g/l proving to be the most popular. The results have practical applications in breweries producing bottom-fermented beers that utilize dry hopping. It is obvious which hop varieties or their combinations can be used to accentuate individual aroma profiles.


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